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Thirteen Hours


Welcome to Deon Meyer Mystery Tours

Featuring locations from the crime thriller books of Deon Meyer – South Africa’s foremost crime author.

A unique audio-visual city tour visiting sites from
Meyer’s legendary Thirteen Hours, Trackers7 Days, Cobra and Icarus books.

This one-of-a-kind Cape Town tour takes you on a journey to seek out the locations of significant scenes in these books, bringing memorable moments to life. By embarking on this journey and with guidance from Deon, we help unravel some of the mysteries of his stories…

Along the way, we also explore some of Cape Town’s famous sights.

Intriguing Cape Town History and Sites
Videotape Footage -‘Crime Scenes’ from Some of the locations
Never Before Revealed Info from Deon -Thought Processes Behind His Books and Personal Anecdotes

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Testimonials from our Customers:

Loved the tour and got Dave (guide) and Paul (driver) to sign my Deon Meyer book. I will be back next year to do it again with my friends



…Above all, though, this is a vigorous, exciting novel that combines memorable characters and plot with edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Joan Smith

The Sunday Times (UK)

The narrative is bracing and the characters resonant and ripe. Meyer’s pitch-perfect pace purrs and thrums. The reader feels like a detective as fragments eventually pull together from the grime of corruption. You suspect, you speculate and you quiver.

Betsey Van Horn

American Statesman

Meyer is a class act, his novel edgy, subtly plotted and beautifully balanced between fast-paced action, believable characterisation, the tense process of investigation and penetrating social comment.

Graeme Blundell

The Australian